The Music Academy
of Gilroy


Since 1995, The Music Academy, originally located on Monterey Street, offers instruction on piano and keyboard, guitar, and voice. Since 2005, a tennant of the Gilroy United Methodist Church, located at the corner of 4th and Church Streets in downtown Gilroy, The Music Academy opens the door to music for children and adults.

Here is the Academy's BIG news...

JULY 2014


It is with great pleasure that we announce that The Music Academy will be under new management as we enter the fall. The new directors will continue the classes and lessons already in place, and have new ideas for the Academy and its activities. Mrs. Fazzio will continue teaching until 15 August. The Academy's other three fine teachers, Mary Flinsbaugh, John Garcia and Sandra Marlowe will continue with their summer instruction schedules until the end of the month, and begin preparations for fall. And The Music Academy's new owners will begin setting up for September. A new piano instructor will be getting acquainted with the Academy and its students, and begin teaching in September.

A gathering for continuing students, returning students, and new students will be scheduled soon, in order to introduce the Academy's new management, and permit students and their families to meet the piano faculty, in order to choose a new teacher for the academic year. Watch for information about this informal event, to be scheduled in late August.

To contact The Music Academy please call us at 408-848-1064 or send email to Our studios are located at 7600 Church Street (corner of 4th) in downtown Gilroy, behind the United Methodist Church. By mail, we can be reached at PO Box 2739 Gilroy 95021-2739.


The Music Academy provides a comprehensive learning opportunity for our students. The study of music involves more than lessons and practice. A computer lab is available to most students for the enhancement of the skills necessary to good musicianship. Student recitals offer the opportunity for all of The Music Academy's students to share their progress in performance. Periodically, The Music Academy sponsors professional programs to which students and their families are always welcome, along with the community at large.

Our faculty at The Music Academy consists of professional musicians who not only are dedicated teachers, but also seasoned performers. We are always available to entertain you. Contact The Music Academy to book our services for your next great event. Read about us at Faculty