The Music Academy
of Gilroy


The Music Academy, founded in 1995 and originally located on Monterey Street, offers instruction on piano and keyboard, as well as guitar. Since 2005, a tennant of the Gilroy United Methodist Church, in downtown Gilroy, The Music Academy opens the door to music for children and adults.

The Music Academy may be reached by phone at 408-848-1064 or by sending email to Our studios are located at 7600 Church Street (corner of 4th) in downtown Gilroy, behind the United Methodist Church.



As we approach the fall season, watch your mailbox, your emails and listen for the phone as the Music Academy's new administration begins to take full control of our very important musical work. Schedules are being set. The new owners will continue the classes and lessons already in place, and have new ideas for the Academy and its activities. The Academy's fine teachers, Mary Flinsbaugh and John Garcia will continue with their summer instruction schedules until the end of the August. Two new piano instructors will be getting acquainted with the Academy and its students, and begin teaching in the fall. Marian Tsang and Lauren Pham are most capable and congenial musicians.

This is my final entry as director of the Academy. My "new chapter" has already begun, as my husband and I have vacated our Gilroy house of 27 years and are temporarily living in Los Gatos, my hometown, as we await the completion of our house in Santa Barbara sometime in the early fall. I will be working with the Academy's new ownership during the next few weeks to acquaint them with what I have done in Gilroy. Without a doubt, they will make changes, and I am confident they will all be for the better. I am glad beyond comprehension that someone will be continuing to provide quality music instruction in a professional setting in this town. As the new "regime" takes the reins, I wish you all patience and success...Candace Fazzio